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Rebar End Preps

Rebar end preps have become key components for the construction of both cast-in-place concrete buildings and deep foundation projects. These end couplers and terminators take the place of right angle bends and other splicing methods. When used properly, end preps provide numerous advantages:

  • Reduced construction time and labor
  • Lower weight & less material waste—can replace multiple feet of “traditional” splicing
  • Improved yield strength over other splicing methods
  • Makes rebar easier and safer to transport and handle


Rebar End Preps from Leading Manufacturers

PJ's Rebar stocks a variety of mechanical couplers, headed bars, and other products from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. We offer end preps from Headed Reinforcement Corp. (HRC) and Erico LENTON (now part of nVent).  

PJ’s Rebar is a licensed and approved fabricator for both HRC T-heads and couplers and Erico LENTON threaded couplers and terminators.

HRC 555 T-heads & HRC 500 Series Position Couplers

We install HRC 500 Series coupler end preps in-house to provide solid, reliable connections for our preassembled rebar structures. It is used as a position/transition coupler splicing multiple bars in pre-tied reinforcing cages and columns.  Exceeds all specifications including Caltrans Ultimate Splice Criteria. Approved for use on Grade 60 and Grade 80 rebar for sizes #4 to #18.  No special equipment required to connect the couplers, just tighten by hand.  Transition couplers available.

HRC 555 T-heads are an effective alternative to standard hooks and right angles in pile anchorage, beam/column joints, and other applications.  The headed bars reduce anchorage length, congestion, and construction time while providing superior performance.  The HRC 555 T-heads are made out of the reinforcing steel so they are always in stock.

We are the only HRC 670 T-Head reseller in California and we keep stock of the 670 T-heads to be a resource when an immediate fix is needed.  The HRC 670 Series are a field installed T-head used mainly for retrofits, field repairs, and elevation issues on drilled shafts. The HRC 670 Series uses a wedge grip system with a spring and tension bolt that is installed on the end of a torch cut, sheared, or saw just reinforcing bar.  Approved for use on Grade 60 and Grade 80 rebar for sizes #5 to #18. No special equipment needed to install.  

Erico LENTON Form Savers, Couplers, Positional Couplers & Terminators

Erico’s LENTON threaded rebar splicing products are available in many sizes and shapes based on bar diameter and geometry. PJ's Rebar uses two in-house threading machines to add threads to the ends of rebar pieces, then tightens LENTON couplers or terminators in place to give our customers a time-saving solution for nearly any rebar splicing challenge.

Simply specify which LENTON splice/products fit your needs and we will add the hardware to your rebar prior to shipping. No fabrication in the field is required!

PJ's Rebar has the right rebar end preps for any application. Request a price quote today, or contact us for more information.

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