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Soil Nails

Designed to be installed horizontally or at a slight angle (20-25°), soil nails provide reinforcement for earth retention structures within excavations and on slopes in top-down construction. Installed into a drilled hole and used in combination with plate washers and shotcrete, soil nails are effective as temporary or permanent geostructural solutions. 

Also known as rock anchors, soil anchors, and grout anchors, soil nails are commonly used for tunnels, excavation shoring, retaining walls, transmission lines and antennae, dam tie-downs, and buried structures.

Unlike tie-back anchors, soil nails are passive elements, and are not actively loaded in tension. They offer several advantages over tie-back anchors: installation equipment is smaller and more maneuverable, making installation easier in tight spaces; they are more versatile products, and can be used in a wider range of applications; and, as they are installed in the early stages of construction, they minimize disturbance caused to other structures. 

PJ's Rebar & Con-Tech Systems’ Soil Nails

PJ's Rebar sells high strength, hot rolled soil nails from Con-Tech Systems in a variety of grades and sizes to meet your requirements. We will cut standard 50-foot soil nail bars to your engineering specifications.

  • 60 grade soil nails available in standard sizes from #6 through #24
  • 75 grade soil nails available in standard sizes from #6 through #24
  • 80 grade soil nails available in standard sizes from #6 through #24
  • 97 grade soil nails available in standard sizes from #7 through #24
  • 150 ksi soil nails available in 1” to 3” nominal diameters

All Con-Tech soil nails conform to ASTM 615 or ASTM 722, depending on grade.

Con-Tech’s hot rolling process reduces or eliminates material pileup and other inconsistencies, improves the microstructure of the steel in cross-section, and provides greater overall strength than cold rolling does.

We also offer a range of other high quality earth retention products from Con-Tech Systems, as well as custom-made, preassembled rebar cages.

PJ's Rebar is your number one source for soil nails. Request a price quote on soil nails for your project, or contact us for more information.