Earth Retention & Deep Foundation

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PJ's Rebar is your one-stop source for precision rebar fabrication, plus a full line of concrete contractor supplies.

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Preassembled Rebar Cages

If your earth retention or deep foundation project requires a rebar cage for any function, look no further than PJ's Rebar. Our rebar cages are completely customizable to your needs and are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation.

Our reinforcement cages come in all shapes and sizes—each one is built to order based on customer specifications. These rebar cages are built with 15g tie wire, bracing bars for added stability, and, in some cases, inner “crush” cages for extra support. These elements, along with first class construction courtesy of our skilled assembly teams, ensure that your custom rebar cage will provide the strength and support your earth retention or deep foundation project requires.

We have the capabilities to build truly huge cages, up to 80 feet long or more. If needed, our rebar cages can be built for easy coupling so that multiple cages can be combined into a single, sturdy structure.

A preassembled rebar cage from PJ's Rebar will help you save time, reduce overall costs, and accelerate your construction schedule. With our custom rebar cages, you can get the job done faster and get paid sooner!

We offer a range of other geostructural solutions, as well, including soil nails, micropiles, and more.

PJ's Rebar is your number one source for sturdy, reliable rebar cages. Request a price quote on a preassembled rebar cage for your project, or contact us for more information.