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Micropiles are small diameter, high capacity, bored and grouted in-place piles with steel reinforcements that carry the bulk of the structural load. They consist of a vertically-installed outer casing, with steel bars placed inside for support; the remaining void is filled with grout. The grout displaces the surrounding soil, leaving no room for it to move or shift, which creates a solid foundation.

Micropiles are designed to improve soil stability and provide slope stabilization in excavations, foundation construction, and seismic retrofitting; they are also effective for earth retention. They are an ideal geostructural solution for applications where other deep foundation methods are unsuitable or impractical, such as those with low overhead access, or where minimal vibration or noise is required.

Usually installed in groups or clusters where each bears an equal load, micropiles can be designed to resist compression or tension forces, depending on the needs of the project at hand.

Advantages of Micropiles

  • Can be installed in virtually any ground condition
  • Installation causes minimal vibration and disturbance to existing structures
  • Provide relatively high axial load capacity
  • Can resist compression and tension forces
  • Easy to install in confined spaces or low overhead areas

Micropiles function similarly to, and in some applications are interchangeable with, soil nails. PJ's Rebar offer soil nails and numerous other earth retention and deep foundation products.

We are your number one resource for micropiles. Request a price quote on micropiles for your project, or contact PJ's Rebar for more information.