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Hollow Bar

Hollow bar is versatile ground improvement product that can be used in micropile, soil nail, tie down/tie back, and other foundation anchoring and construction applications. In soil nail applications, hollow bar provides friction, shear, and tension strength in loose materials, combining all these factors to create a slide-proof wall or foundation. In micropile applications, it can be used to combat tension or compression, depending on the project’s needs.

Hollow bar is ideal for use in difficult ground conditions, such as weathered and decomposed rock, sand, round gravel, and clay soil. Hollow bars can be inserted, threaded, and/or grouted into loose or collapsing soil structures without the need for casings, and can be used as temporary or permanent geostructural solutions.

PJ's Rebar & Con-Tech Systems’ Hollow Bar

PJ's Rebar sells Con-Tech Systems’ high strength Titan IBO hollow bar. Manufactured from patented, high yield, corrosion resistant micro alloy steel tubing, Titan IBO (Injection Bore) hollow bars are available in standard sizes from #6 through #24. We will cut standard 50-foot hollow bars to your engineering specifications.

Con-Tech’s hollow bars are designed for installation via injection boring, in which cementious grout is pumped at pressure while the bars themselves are drilled into the grout. This installation method provides numerous geotechnical benefits and can improve overall project efficiency.

Continuous threading allows Titan IBO hollow bar to be cut and/or coupled anywhere along its length. The threads on Con-Tech hollow bar are fabricated to ASTM A-615 standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used as drill steel, grouting conduit, and/or the steel element of a pile
  • Continuous threads for easy coupling and extension
  • Threads are similar to ribs on reinforcing bars and provide high skin friction
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate various load requirements
  • Simultaneous drilling and grouting allows for simple one-step installation
  • Allows the use of smaller, less expensive installation equipment
  • Ideal for low overhead or limited access installation

We sell numerous other high quality geostructural solutions from Con-Tech, along with custom-made, preassembled rebar cages.

PJ's Rebar is your number one source for hollow bar. Request a price quote on hollow bar for your project, or contact us for more information.